The Biggest Day Of My Life

Christie Hamilton is a rad chick. Anyone who has ever checked out her instagram account (@bright.christie) can see how raw, bubbly and passionate persona on full display. She also raced in this year’s Indian Pacific Wheel Race, a 5500 kilometre bikepacking race across the width of Australia. Christie’s race was one of the most captivating, and she became something of a mascot for the event, as she pushed through huge barriers to make the finish. 

This is a part of her story:

It’s 4am, I’m lying in my tent and I can hear Jesse Carlson’s voice.  He’s talking about the race.  I snap out of it, I’m in Quardaring, sleeping by a cricket oval. Chris is nearby and must be watching the recap video of day one in his swag. I understand what’s going on.

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